1) My heating cable is too long, can I cut?

No, you should never cut a heating cable. You must reduce the length of lay or circulate any excess cable to 10 cm from the wall. Only the cold connection of black cable can be shortened.

2) Can I connect multiple cables with each other?

Several cables can be connected in a junction box, taking care not to exceed a total power of 2700W (TH331) or 3600W (TH310, TH410, TH610) which is the maximum threshold allowed by the thermostat. Beyond this power, it is necessary to install a power relay (see wiring diagram on the site)

3) Can I have different temperatures in one big room?

Yes, however the installation of thermostats must be validated by our technical services

4) What type of insulation to use? And how thick?

Thermal insulation under the cover structure (single layer or sub-sub-layer top in case of superposition) should receive class "SC1 (a or b) Ch" and to mineral wools "SC2 Ch" within the meaning of paragraph 4.2 of the NF DTU 26.2 / 52.1 (paragraph 4 of the future NF DTU 52.10).
For thermal resistance comply with notice who gets as current standards and site characteristics the appropriate heat resistance.
The thickness depends on the thermal resistance of the insulation.

5) The "mesh" is it mandatory?

Of course, this obligation is not only imposed by the heating. It is common practice for tile screeds. (See our note)

6) Is the probe binding in a bathroom?

The floor sensor is recommended to regulate the temperature of the floor of the bathroom. This is the thermostat dry towel which will regulate the room temperature.

7) Difference between Cable Kit, Cable Kit Cable Kit and Matt Tram?

Cable Kit is quite suitable for new construction or major renovation since it requires a minimum booking. It is more economical.

Cable Kit Matt is more suitable for light renovation small rooms because its implementation is fast and it can slip into the glue tiles.

Cable Kit Tram is rather suitable for new construction or major renovation since it requires a minimum booking. His method of installation is facilitated by the frames.

8) What a difference to the 10w / ml and 17w / ml?

10W / ml installs between 45W / m² (at step 18) and 65W / m² (at step 12) while the 17W / ml installs 85W / m².

Furthermore, the 17W / ml should be placed under the tread while the 10W / ml arises indifferently under the tread or in the tile adhesive.

9) What effect does the Electric Floor health?

Radiant heating is the healthiest system for comfort, no dust brewing, the humidity of the air is retained, temperatures are uniform and

Electromagnetic fields almost nonexistent.

10) I have the paperwork for the guarantee, how do readings?

This is a control to perform before and after having covered the wire with the flooring. This is to measure the resistance (in ohms) between the two cable power conductors. These conductors are translucent because the heating cable has no polarity. More the cable wattage, the higher the resistance value is small.

The formula R = U² / P allows you to calculate the theoretical ohmic resistance of your cable.

Example: you have a cable with an output of 1025w

You have a U (the supply voltage) of 230V, so theoretical R = (230x230) / 1025 = 51.6 ohms.

We seek to find R

We take our formula P = U ² / R or R ² = U / P was therefore R = 52900/1025

R is about 51.6 ohms. There will be a slight difference if the cable is in the open air, it is under screed or is in tile adhesives under the coating.

11) How is the statement isolation?

This is a security check of measuring the "escape" any current between the active conductor and the ground wire. The value displayed on the screen megger should be "infinite". The measurement must be made between a conductor resistance and the grounding conductor.

12) What is the thickness of your heating cables?

In general, the heating wire has a diameter between 4 and 5 mm depending on the model. As against the cold black cable connection is larger (about 7 / 8mm)

13) What is the warranty of your products?

The duration of the warranty is imposed by the legislature. She is 10 years for cable or heating film because they are integrated into the frame. She is 2 years for removable devices such as wallboard or thermostats.

14) What is the warranty card?

On this page, you will notice the values ​​recorded during the inspection of the installation. If a problem it will be used to establish traceability of your cable.

15) What does the label "attention Heated Floor"? Where should I put it?

The type label must be affixed to your electrical cabinet. It serves to inform users of the presence of a heated floor.

16) When we cast screed on floor heating, after how long can we put in operation the heating cables?

The screed is imperative to dry 21 days before starting the first commissioning heater thermostat program. The coating must be compatible for Electric Radiant Floor and the adhesive mortar and mortar jointing. (C2 S1 / S2)

17) The initial heating, what is it?

All thermostats offered by South Radiation (except the TH610) are programmed to automatically perform the first start chauffe.Pendant a period of 21 days the heating cables will work more and longer to gradually increase the temperature to avoid shock thermal. This initial heating must be done before paving.

18) What are the standards for installing your heating cables?

You can refer to our Technical Assessment and CPT PRE 02/13 and the Electrical Safety Standard NF C 15-100.

19) The calculation of loss is what?

It is a method for determining the power to be installed per piece depending on the building insulation. The applicable standards are RT RT 2005 or 2012 depending on the age of the buildings.

20) Should there be a floor sensor and where?

It must be placed between two half turns and easily replaceable in case of need. It will be sheathed and it will put a scotch at the end of the sheath for it to be withdrawn in case of default. Its presence is recommended when there is another heat emitter in the room.

21) What should be the thermal resistance of coatings to be compatible with underfloor heating?

The thermal resistance of coatings covering the South Radiant floor radiation should not exceed 0,15m². K / W. If the coating is a laminate the coefficent R will include the undercoat.

22) Matt Cable Kit, the Cable Kit Cable Kit or the Tram 'Should a bathroom be connected to the potential equalization?

Yes compulsory. Also a 30MA interdifférentiel imposed.

23) Are there an réagréage compatible with Cable Kit Tram?

You must use a fiber patching. If the support is porous it should be aplliquer before patching a bonding primer.