Why radiant heating?

There are 2 heating principles:

- convection which heats the air (coil)
- the radiation heating of the sun, for example, which directly transmits its heat to walls, objects and our body. To see the video on radiant heating: see bottom of page.

All bodies emit infrared radiation. These are infrared rays that heat.

Two different temperature objects radiate towards each other, the one who is the hottest exchanges its heat to the colder.

The radiation maintains the humidity rate.

Many residential homes, collective housing, individual houses have opted for this method of heating.

Modulated by a room control with programmable thermostats compatible with modern home automation, each discovers the comfort of a healthy heating that has the distinction of not stir dust.

What choose to install your wall radiant heating?

Everything depends on the configuration and the destination of a local heat:

Is it a new construction or a renovation?
What is the available wall wisest to use?
Is the local free or busy during the work?
What budget do you spend on the implementation of the heating?
These building integrated systems are maintenance free, have an unlimited lifespan and perfectly meet the requirements of a modern comfort since this radiation.

All our products comply with applicable standards, CE certified.

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